The historical wine cellars of Coppo

Underground Cathedrals,
Unesco World Heritage site

The historical underground wine cellars of Coppo are a Unesco World Heritage site: a prestigious recognition that fills Coppo with pride. They are part of the network of Underground Cathedrals, a temple of wine dedicated to its history and the hard work of man.

Built beginning in the late 18th century, initially intended as small cellars to conserve wine, they were expanded from 1800-1900 to what they are today. The historical wine cellars of Coppo extend under the hill of Canelli for a total of 5 thousand square meters (16400 ft) and a depth that reaches 40 meters (130 ft).

The wine cellars have recently been renamed the “Underground Cathedrals”, for their spectacular beauty and historical importance. They are composed of galleries, tunnels, corridors and spacious arches lit by a light-play that underlines the monumental work done by those in the past who excavated the tuff rock at the heart of Canelli.

Beyond its natural beauty, the calcareous tuff rock of Canelli is a precious ally for a winemaker: hard and stable, it creates the perfect thermal isolation, naturally maintaining a constant temperature between 12 and 14° C (57°F), creating ideal conditions for aging great wines.

In fact, it is for this utility of the tuff rock that from the mid-1800s until the early 1900s, several kilometers of tunnels were excavated under Canelli. The earth has become a true wine monument in and of itself, a testimony of how architecture can transform spaces for wine according to the needs of their productive cycle.

Wine was not just aged in these corridors in the past, but the entire winemaking process was carried out here. The remains of this vinification (presses, filtration systems, vats, barrels, and other machinery) can still be seen today, creating a tangible memory of the past.

Guided visits and wine tastings

The visit, which includes 7 stations, presents the history and wine production of the winery with insights on Piedmontese varieties, vineyard management, and traditional methods of winemaking.

Three types of tours are available; it is possible to individually tailor your experience, as well.

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