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Vineyards at heights to address the climate change

Mineral complexity and structure designed to challenge the passage of time. 
Riserva Coppo is the most important spumante produced in our cellar.
Coppo presents the 2010 vintage at Dusseldorf ProWein, a turning vintage for all the spumante produced by Coppo.

As a matter of fact, from 2010 the company decided to focus on vineyards located on higher altitudes.

Bearing in mind the progressive increase of temperatures, the objective of obtaining a fresher wine and a specific vision of the winemakers, 80% of our grapes are harvested in vineyards at heights, between 270 and 450 m.a.s.l., in the Asti area of Langhe, above Cassinasco, and in Bormida Valley.

Among all the Traditional Method spumante produced in our cellar, Riserva Coppo stands out as a wine for those who love strong personality, elegance and structure.
These two latter traits are now supported by a greater acidity: the 2010 vintage, particularly fresh, highlights this specific aspect.

Riserva Coppo is made with 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay, hand collected in 20kg boxes from the healthies and ripest bunches. 
Characterized by soft-pressing and barrique fermentation, Riserva Coppo is a wine worth waiting for. It takes 9 months of aging on fine lees in French oak barrels with several batonnages, followed by 60 months of bottle refinement and the traditional method of capturing the sparkle.

The color is a straw yellow with golden shades, enriched by a very fine perlage. The nose reveals hints of bread and yeast, the mouthfeel is dry and elegant.
The production is limited to just 15000 bottles per year. This is a spumante pairable with a whole meal: appetizers, first courses with white meat or light ragù, main courses of fish or grilled meat.