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The idea of the Coppo Wine Club

To celebrate 125 years since the foundation of Coppo (1892), we created the Coppo Wine Club a couple of years ago.

The Coppo Wine Club was conceived to be a program based on relationships, friendship, and shared experiences. A way to keep in touch with the people we met and keep meeting every day, thanks to our wines: in-person and online, in the cellar, during our travels, during tastings and dinners.

We want to be closer to those who share with us the passion, respect, and unique pleasure of the wine of excellence and we want to support the wine knowledge and experience of this group of people.

In two years the Coppo Wine Club has launched some initiatives.

  1. We created wine educational programs in Piedmont.
  2. The first few Premium members joined the Coppo Wine Club: wine lovers who visited the cellar, with whom we developed a special bond. They have access to special selections of the finest wines (including old vintages, almost impossible to find in a wine shop and of which we have limited availability in the cellar), previews and treats we can only reserve for a limited number of people.
  3. A hidden and dedicated section of our site,, was created to simplify the online shopping experience and the shipment process, only in Italy, of our wines. We make offers available occasionally and only for a few days, strictly for the Club members.

The journey of the Coppo Wine Club has just begun. It is an ambitious project, accessible only to those who are members.