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Summer wines and a holiday version of Barbera

Sempre Lui

A perfect, spot-on wine, enjoyed in a late summer afternoon.
The hot season is made of limpid memories of scents and aromas, a mouthwatering craving.

But is there really such thing as a summer wine?

Wine is freedom and subjective pleasure. No one can tell us what to drink and what not to. Even the wisest suggestions of the sommelier cannot consider all the variables that determine our taste, our knowledge, the “right” wine for our summer. There’s only one suggestion: “let’s drink what we like”.

That said, it’s always nice to add something new to our wine portfolio. Some wines become more desirable in the hot season, at least at these latitudes. Namely, the white wines. During the summer, wine shops report, over 50% of the sales are represented by whites.

Why white wines?

On average, compared to reds, white wines are consumed colder, have a lower alcohol volume and a more pronounced freshness on the palate. Also, their lack of tannins makes them easily pairable with typical “summer” food like vegetables, white meat, fish.

In the summer we drink whites, it’s true.
There’s more though. There are whites and whites, there are other types of wine and we should not be fooled by the color alone.

We have thought of a possible selection of wines for the summer.

A small journey through white wines, from Gavi to Chardonnay in two versions, passing through the Alta Langa sparkling wine and without forgetting the extraordinary versatility of the Barbera grape.
That’s right. In fact, we have a Barbera that puts on a swimsuit and goes on vacation, in a pink version, and a classic Barbera that always surprises us, even in summer.

Let’s discover this selection of Coppo wines for the summer.

Sempre Lui e Gavi La Rocca

Gavi La Rocca

Its name comes from the estate that Coppo has been managing for over 35 years.
Gavi is a classic Piedmontese wine, 100% Cortese grape. Our interpretation is traditional: stainless steel aging only. The 2020 vintage perfectly shows the expression we are looking for with this grape variety: great acidity and drinkability, typical intense citrus aroma in this release. A young and fresh wine that also shows elegance and character.

Sempre Lui

Here is the barbera on vacation. We have always been considered Barbera specialists in Piedmont. Thanks to our experience, three years ago we released this new rosé wine from Barbera grapes. The grapes come from the vineyards of the best areas, close to those of Pomorosso, harvested early by hand and vinified with a short maceration. This way, while maintaining the power and flavor of the fruit, we have a fresh, pale pink wine that is highly drinkable. Just take a look at the label: “Sempre Lui” is the grape we know, Barbera, but this time with a swimsuit on. As Americans would say, a “pool wine”. It is an ideal glass for most summer occasions.


For the Coppo family, chardonnay is a flagship. A history of passion and research for the most complex expressions of this vine. We like to remember that few other companies have explored the potential of chardonnay in Piedmont for such a long time.
Let’s have a look at two chardonnay-based white wines.
Costebianche (young, fresh and straightforward) and Monteriolo (complex and with great aging potential).

Costebianche shows the typical color, aroma and taste of a young Chardonnay. A straw yellow color, with notes of pineapple, banana mango and tropical fruit. It is a fresh wine to be consumed young, perfect with savory tarts and herb omelettes, pinzimonio, with white meat and fish, possibly raw, with seafood and coquillage, young cheeses.


Monteriolo is a very complex Chardonnay, conceived to defy time. Born in 1984, international critics consider it a point of reference for Italian chardonnays.
The color is intense, the aromas of Chardonnay are flanked by notes of candied fruit, almond and yeast.
Monteriolo is fermented in cask, with a further 9 months on the lees in barrique and further refinement in the bottle in our Unesco heritage cellars. Already in the first few years after the harvest, it can be easily combined with structured and complex dishes: from raw meat to foie gras, first courses with white sauce or vegetables, curry rice, fish soup, chicken curry, grilled meat or baked fish, aged cheese.

Luigi Coppo

Summer is also a perfect season to open a bottle of sparkling wine. For an aperitif or to dine, Luigi Coppo is the best-selling sparkling wine of the house, a classic method brut sparkling wine that is preparing to become part of the Alta Langa docg.
This is Coppo’s new step towards the more restrictive and precious denomination that Piedmontese sparkling wine has recently given itself. Considering the wines of the family, the Riserva Coppo, which has just received the Tre Bicchieri 2021 award from Gambero Rosso, had all the Alta Langa requirements as early as 1984. Starting from October 2021 Luigi Coppo will also be Alta Langa (with the 2018 vintage).

What kind of sparkling wine is it? It is obtained from 100% Pinot Noir grapes, soft pressing and fermentation in steel at a controlled temperature and second fermentation according to the traditional method. It is aged for 30 months in the bottle in contact with the yeasts. The Italian Sommelier Association writes: “The very fine aromas are of bread yeast and mountain butter. Cup of fresh white fruits, peach, lychee and melon. The freshness of the sip is accompanied by a savory almond structure “.

L’ Avvocata

It is one of the most famous wines produced by Coppo, expressing the immediacy of the Barbera variety and is considered a point of reference among the classic Barbera wines for the Italian and international market. It was awarded the Gambero Rosso Three Glasses in 2018, an award that recognized the excellence of a classic Barbera for the first time.

The winemaking process guarantees a wine that is always pleasant, juicy and drinkable, and suitable for various food combinations.

L’ Avvocata is a versatile wine, even in summer.
Served colder than usual, it might surprise when paired with certain seasonal foods. It’s also very interesting to taste it with some oriental dishes that combine fish and fruit, octopus and pear, lean fish and fatty soups always with a touch of spiciness.
Put L’ Avvocata in the fridge for a few minutes, place it on the table and you will discover the unexpected brilliance of a classic Barbera. The 2020 vintage, the current one, has a screw cap.