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Coppo Reserves and David Hervé’s oysters

Coppo Reserves and David Hervé’s oysters. On Thursday 16th November will accompany David Hervé’s oysters for an exclusive dinner-tasting at Pier 52 in Milan.

Hervé, from Cancale in Brittany, is the most renowned oyster breeder in the world.
The program envisages an introduction by Hervé on breeding techniques and a tasting of the exquisite “boat” with 12 specimen breeded for three years. The menu also includes: tempura oysters, oyster risotto, seafood trio (tuna, Mazara prawn and oyster in breadcrumbs).

Paolo and Luigi Coppo will present the pairings with Coppo wines: brut Riserva Coppo 2004 e 2009 e Monteriolo 2007.