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Coppo wines at the Egyptian Museum in Turin for the Kennedy Center of Washington

Last Monday, Coppo wines were selected to accompany a gala dinner organized at the Egyptian Museum in Turin by the Kennedy Center of Washington. The delegates celebrated Gianandrea Noseda for taking office as Music Director for the next 4 years.

What is the Kennedy Center?

The Kennedy Center for the performing arts in Washington is one of the most important foundations for the performing arts. Noseda, 52, former Music Director of Teatro Regio in Turin, is universally regarded as one of the most appreciated directors of his generation. This autumn, he’ll also become Director of the National Symphony Orchestra.

Coppo wines paired the dishes served for dinner by Stratta. Spumante Riserva Coppo was chosen as the aperitif wine for the Teatro Regio musicians, while in the main room of the Museum Chardonnay Monteriolo 2014, Chardonnay Riserva della Famiglia 2007 e Moscato d’Asti Moncalvina 2016 followed one another on the long table set up.

The affinity between wine and music

“It was a honor, a wonderful thing”, Luigi Coppo told us. “Wine and music are great expressions of human essence. I herd Noseda saying one thing I definitely agree on: we all need to relate with the tradition while moving forward at the same time. He was talking about Classic Music, but the same thing can be said for wine. Respecting traditions while adopting a future-oriented approach should be the main objective of every producer.