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Coppo winery in Canelli will open again for guided tours and tastings

Starting from Wednesday June 3rd, the Coppo winery in Canelli will open again for guided tours and tastings.

The quality of the experience and the wellbeing of our visitors have always been the top priority for Coppo. We activated specific security measures to guarantee the highest possible degree of safety to our visitors, while maintaining the wonder of Unesco Underground Cathedrals, the pleasure of a tasting and the possibility to purchase our wines.

The safety measures

  • Advance booking required, by phone or through our online booking system.
  • In order to guarantee social distancing, we reduced the maximum carrying capacity to 10 people.
  • Our staff adheres to the highest safety standards, wearing the appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) at all times and continuously ensuring adequate sanitization to the common spaces (toilets, tasting room).
  • We kindly ask our guests to wear the appropriate PPE before entering the winery and We do provide them in case of need.
  • Hygiene solutions are available for our guests at the entrance and in the tasting room.
  • Coppo designed a specific route for the guided tour that ensures social distancing at all times: during the visit, the tasting, and also while using the common spaces (toilets).
  • For those who express the will to purchase wines, they will be allowed to write down their order and process the payment directly from their tasting table, using mobile credit card readers and contactless technology.
  • The goods will be prepared safely in a separate room.

Our hospitality team

The members of our hospitality team are Coppo’s most important asset. For this reason, they are trained to work in total safety and equipped with the appropriate PPE.

Book now.

Classic Tour.

The duration of the Classic tour is around 90 minutes. The visit will start with a walk through the galleries and passages that shape the UNESCO World Heritage site called Underground Cathedrals. These tunnels were initially dug in the XVIII century and later further developed.

Premium Tour.

For those who love great wines, able to challenge the passage of time, Coppo designed a tour that ends with the tasting of some of the most prestigious wines of the winery.

Private Tour.

Tour and private tasting (your group only) of 5 among the finest wines produced by Coppo. This exclusive experience is suitable for a wide range of customers: the lone wine-lover, a couple, a group of friends.

Find out about the details of our tours and book now your visit here:

Wine Shop

Our wine shop is open 7 days a week, from 10 to 12 in the morning and from 2.30 to 5.30 in the afternoon.

Social distancing is guaranteed in our shop as well as in the other areas of the cellar.
If you’d like to purchase wine, please call us in advance and we’ll be able to prepare everything for your arrival.
Remote credit card payment and contactless payment is available.

We also ship directly at your address.

Call our wine shop @ +39 0141 823146.