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Casa Coppo’s new site is now online, elegance is in the details

Online il nuovo sito di Casa Coppo

It is a story told through pictures. It is a history that winds through a gorgeous gallery of photographs that highlights every aspect of tradition, vineyards, the wine cellar, and winemaking to show how Casa Coppo has become renowned throughout the world.

Our new site, online September 2015, dedicates particular attention to photography. The online images are the result of a long work of selection by our photographers, who searched for the shots that prized detail above all. Sometimes, the images we saw were surprising and unexpected, like the drops of humidity on the neck of a bottle of Metodo Classico through which you can see the lees; or the bright, tangible violet of grape skins inside the rotary vacuum filter (take a look at our slideshow).

For the most part, our photos are macro images that frame the particulars of everyday life at our winery because, in a way, it is the details that define us. Some photographs focus on detail so much as to render the object indecipherable, yet evocative. These are some of our favorites, because they transmit an aesthetic suggestion of their own materiality, and beyond the object itself.

Other than photographs, our new site presents significant works of text. Every aspect of our company, beginning with our centuries-old history, has been composed under easy to read headers that flow into in-depth content.

Finally, the graphics. Using a scrolling layout (or a “vertical website”), the content is easily read at one time, or – by using the side windows – it is simple to find specific information with just a click. Our website has been optimized for mobile devices, in order to allow wireless browsing wherever you are and, for those who wish, book a wine tasting at our winery.

In addition to our corporate presence, we also like to stay connected with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We use these social media platforms to tell the everyday story of our winery. We invite wine lovers to share their enjoyment of Coppo wines with us by using the hastag #coppwines.