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Alta Langa, where truffles grow right next to the vineyards

The grove with truffles is right next to the Alta Langa vineyard. Coppo sends a postcard from the future, a healthy and fair future, in harmony with the environment. Let’s explain this better. Wine and truffles have always been a symbol of Langhe and Monferrato. In the imagination of tourists and enthusiasts, this combination is inseparable. That’s also the vision shared by producers, operators and promoters of the territory.

Wine and truffles are the true internationally recognized landmark of this unique area, not defined by geographical boundaries but by its excellent food and wine expressions, the result of a unique interaction between man and environment. So, to enhance this relationship, all the stakeholders involved are experimenting new ways of living and growing together. The question thus becomes: can the vineyard and the truffles really grow together, side by side?

Two consortia, the Alta Langa Consortium and the National Center for Truffle Studies, are positive about this. In 2022 they asked the winemakers a question: could you dedicate a portion of your land to the planting of “symbiotic” truffle trees? (truffle symbionts are the trees that live together with the truffle in the wild).

Coppo opted in. There have been inspections, soil analyses, research. Finally, the technicians of the Centro del Tartufo gave the go-ahead: the land of Cassinasco, a small town just above Canelli defined as “the gateway to the Langa Astigiana”, has the ideal conditions for the purpose of this experiment.

So, the Alta Langa vineyard with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes that is about to be planted by Coppo will grow right next to a grove with truffle-friendly trees.

“We immediately joined this truffle project linked to the Alta Langa area and we are happy with the positive opinion of the technicians. Now we can really do it – comments Gianmario Cerutti, manager of the Coppo vineyards. We are doing a preliminary cleaning and preparing the optimal conditions. By spring the trees will be planted according to the guidelines we will receive. Thus, in the future, these plants will be able to bear truffles. We will have them at home. It is a nice combination for the territory.”

Including Coppo, 10 winemakers have so far joined the initiative. In the coming months, 150 truffle plants will be placed. It is a practice that is sustainable and the hope is that after this pilot project, the practice will become more widespread.

“These trees can be taken care of directly by the farmers – explains Paolo Rossino, director of the Alta Langa Consortium – or agreements can be established with “trifolao” associations that take care of them in order to favor good practices in the development and maintenance of truffle fields on the territory of the high hills of Langa.”

What really matters is that in the name of “Wine and Truffle” other associations, subjects and winemakers are involved to strengthen a combination that is not only excellent but also healthy, fair and good.

Rossino says “Planting a tree, like and more than planting a vine, means having the ability to imagine the future. And if planting a tree allows us to give substance to the dream of a more beautiful world, planting trees symbiotic with the truffle commits us in the direction of a better world”.