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The Coppo estate extends over 52 hectares (129 acres) of vineyards that are owned by the winery or rented and managed by Coppo. The productive heart of the vineyards is located in southern Piedmont in Monferrato. Coppo cultivates the ancient and prized Moscato Bianco and the Pinot Nero, from which they make their sparkling Metodo Classico Riserva Coppo.

Their most prestigious Barbera grapes come from Agliano Terme and Castelnuovo Calcea in the heart of the subzone called Nizza, from which they make the Pomorosso and the Riserva di Famiglia.

Since the mid-1800s, Coppo has also managed the estate La Rocca located in Monterotondo di Gavi.

Here, they produce Gavi La Rocca from the Cortese grape, a native variety that is one of this region’s oldest.

While Coppo produces Gavi within its decreed production zone in compliance with its DOCG code, they also produce Barolo. The Ministry of Agriculture permitted them to make Barolo outside of its prescribed production zone notwithstanding its regulations. Few historical wineries have this privilege; in fact, it is necessary to demonstrate the production of Barolo before the advent of the DOCG in order to continue to be allowed to produce it today.

You can make a terrible wine from good grapes. But you can never make a good wine from terrible grapes

Integrated farming and biodynamic techniques

The quality of Coppo’s wines begins in the vineyard. This is the principle that has guided the winery for over a century. All the land is estate-owned or managed, and each vineyard was selected after a rigorous research into terroir so that the soil best valorizes the characteristics of the variety cultivated there, favoring quality over quantity. Their philosophy is simple: show the maximum respect for the vineyards, soil, and surrounding environment.

Since 2001, Coppo winery has followed an official protocol for integrated agriculture that sustains farming practices with low environmental impact. The winery goes above and beyond the regulations, and for several years now has decided to follow agricultural methods in the spirit of organic and biodynamic agriculture, while not being officially certified.

Coppo began the gradual steps towards the reduction and eventually total renouncement of invasive practices, such as those that use synthetic chemicals that don’t degrade easily. They strive to protect the territory’s integrity and vineyards’ biodiversity in every aspect. They use fertilizer and manure created only from biological compost (such as manure or humus) or the mixes allowed in organic agriculture.

In the battle against common diseases and pests, Coppo prefers to use traditional products like sulfur and copper, or preparations based on essential oils that are allowed in biodynamic agriculture.

The winery plants wild mustard, clover, legumes, and barley in the vineyards, too. Each one of these has essential characteristics and particular qualities. During the next season’s green manure, the plants prove beneficial to the soil and vines, naturally creating harmony and increasing vitality. Coppo’s objective is to create a hospitable environment for the vines to be able to defend themselves against diseases and pests.

In order to reduce their use of insecticides, Coppo uses pheronomes, a natural substance that disorients several species of insect by sexual confusion, impeding their proliferation.

For Coppo, the right approach to vineyard management is to improve what they do every day with a realistic view towards the earth, who works it, and who respects it. In this way, they can construct a solid, sustainable, and practical reality that goes beyond theory to action and enduring results.

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