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Unesco World Heritage

The historical underground wine cellars of Coppo are a UNESCO World Heritage site: a prestigious recognition that fills Coppo with pride. They are part of the network of Underground Cathedrals, a temple of wine dedicated to its history and the hard work of man.

Built beginning in the late 18th century, initially intended as small cellars to conserve wine, they were expanded from 1800-1900 to what they are today. The historical wine cellars of Coppo extend under the hill of Canelli for a total of 5 thousand square meters (16400 ft) and a depth that reaches 40 meters (130 ft).

A century old history

The history of Coppo winery is inextricably wound with the wine history of Piedmont. It is closely linked to the development of the city of Canelli, known as the capital of Italian sparkling wine and one of Italy’s most important viticultural centers today.

Coppo’s history is one of tradition and courageous vision for the future, of sacrifice and innovation. It is a story of the unconditional love that Coppo has for their vines’ origins, for varieties that have always been cultivated in Piedmont, and for old family traditions.

The origins of the winery date back to 1892. For over 120 years, the family has remained the sole owner. Since the very beginning, the Coppo family has managed estate vineyards and bottled their own wine under the name of Coppo, making it one of the oldest family-run wineries in all of Italy.

“Those who truly know wine have not yet been born”

Piero Coppo, founder –

Passion for wine

Today, the major part of the winery’s production centers on Barbera, Metodo Classico sparkling wines, and Moscato d’Asti, Coppo’s Moscato d’Asti can take advantage of the “Canelli” mark, a recently created subzone that is prized for the excellent Moscato it produces…

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Barbera d’Asti harvest in Piedmont

A day with Coppo’s enologist, following the footsteps of Pomorosso. The secrets hidden between the rows of grapevines, the remedies for an extremely hot vintage, the last-minute tastings before the harvest. “The vineyard always surprises you, supporting...

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Coppo Reserves and David Hervé’s oysters

Coppo Reserves and David Hervé’s oysters. On Thursday 16th November will accompany David Hervé’s oysters for an exclusive dinner-tasting at Pier 52 in Milan. Hervé, from Cancale in Brittany, is the most renowned oyster breeder in the world. The...

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Coppo at Merano Wine Festival

From Friday 10th to Monday 13th Coppo will be presenting Pomorosso 2011, 2013 and 2015, Monteriolo 2013 at Merano Wine Festival. You can find Coppo wines at table 59 of Kursaal, the great hall in the middle of Kurhaus, heart of the Festival. Pomorosso and...

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